The Eighth Annual Global Conference on Environmental Taxation
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Anja von Moltke - United Nations Environment Programme:
I want to send you some belated - but sincere - congratulations on the Global Environmental Tax Conference in Munich three weeks ago. I was very impressed by the variety of experts that came together from both developed and developing countries, to move the issue to a higher international scale of discussion and awareness. The success of the event is surely due to your hard work and long-term dedication to the issue as well as the great logistical organisation of the meeting.

Larry Kreiser - Professor Emeritus of Accounting, Cleveland State University, Ohio:
Thank you again for your hard work on the 8th GCET. I have heard many comments that the conference was excellent and I agree that it was great. You have certainly raised the bar for all future conference hosts.

Hope Ashiabor - Associate Professor of Law, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia:
I felt it was appropriate I should express a note of to thanks to you and your team for organising a magnificent conference. The amount of work you put into it was reflected in the sheer number of delegates who participated in the event and the quality of papers that were presented. I enjoyed every minute of the conference tremendously.

Andrew Van Iterson -Green Budget Coalition, Ottawa, Canada:
The conference was superb.

Jon Strand -International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington D.C.:
Again, I must comment that your conference in October was highly successful. It struck an ideal balance between policy and scientific areas, and was greatly useful to me, also in forming many good contacts.

Pedro Herrera - Professor, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain:
The conference in Munich was a big success.

Alexander Paterson - Institute of Marine and Environmental Law, University of Cape Town, South Africa:
Congratulations on organising a fantastic conference. It was well worth coming all the way. Please could you convey my thanks to all fellow organisers.

Nathalie Chalifour - Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa, Canada:
Congratulations to you and the team on such a great event.

Jose Marcos Domingues - Professor Faculty of Law, Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil:
I write you this note is to express my best compliments for the VERY WELL organized Event 2007, and for the kindness and dedication you always shown to every participant. Congratulations and thank you again.

GCET Steering Committee (Larry Kreiser, Janet Milne, Hope Ashiabor, Kurt Deketelaere):
We very much appreciate Green Budget Germany’s organization and hosting of the Munich conference, which drew together a superb group of people for very interesting excellent conference

Alberto Majocchi - Presidente ISAE, Istituto di Studi e Analisi Economica, Roma, Italia:
It has been a great pleasure for me to meet so many friends in Munich...many compliments to you and your friends for the magnificent organisation.

Erwin Mayer - Greenpeace Austria:
I enjoyed the last conference in Munich...The scientific level was very high and the theories and conclusions presented relatively homogenous.